A Games Industry Guide to NFTs

Why We Made This Guide

NFTs are the digital elephant in the room for the games industry right now, and many are feeling the pressure to pick a side. We created this guide for game studios to gain a fundamental understanding of NFTs, as this technology has massive implications for games, the climate crisis, and society at large. Our hope is that, by the end of this guide, readers will have a broad foundation of knowledge on top of which they can make truly informed decisions regarding NFTs.

In this guide, we raise our concerns about the rapid adoption and various issues of NFTs in video games, assist those working in the games industry to understand the risks involved with integrating NFTs into games, and provide a non-technical but thorough insight into what NFTs are and how they are currently being received and implemented in the gaming world. We also offer recommendations aimed at anybody working in games, from developers and artists to producers, managers, and executives.

Climate Replay is an independent group of passionate game developers and gamers spanning many disciplines and industries. Our goal is to empower today’s gamers to create a sustainable tomorrow. This guide, while a collaborative effort from many across the game industry, was produced entirely by Climate Replay, on our own behalf. Climate Replay has members from many different game studios across the industry. All the content on this website and in this guide, however, is our own views and written purely on behalf of Climate Replay and not our respective employers.

Our Pledge

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