Introducing… Climate Quests!

Have you joined the Climate Replay Discord server? It’s great! Well, aside from the fact that Discord keeps ratting me out to everyone that I’m playing Mixolumia when I’m supposed to be writing this article… otherwise, it’s a fun way to hang out with the delightful Climate Replay community. Now’s the perfect time to join, too, because we just launched Climate Quests.

Every two weeks, we’re posting a new set of quests for you to complete in our Discord. These quests are fun, very achievable, and a great way to gain new climate-friendly habits and hobbies. Essentially they help you live a more climate-friendly lifestyle AND gamify your life in a gloriously green way. Nice!

What does this Mixolumia screenshot have to do with Climate Quests? Nothing, I just need to justify my hundreds of hours wasted playing it. So here we are.

Each quest comes with a frequency (the number of times per week you can do the quest before we beg you to stop) and a value (how many ‘leaves’ you’ll earn for completing the quest). The more leaves you have, the higher you’ll go up the leaderboard, just like how leaves work IRL. Kinda. 

Wait, did I write ‘leaderboard’? I meant leaferboard! A pun so brilliant/controversial that my autocorrect just changed it back to ‘leaderboard’ four times in a row. Well, everyone’s a critic.

Our Climate Replay leaf emoji is so pretty, this article was another five hours later because I couldn’t stop staring at it. Fact? Fact!

One of our first Climate Quests is to make a Climate Friendly Meal! You get one leaf for a vegetarian meal, and a whopping two leaves for a vegan one. Let’s see if I can complete it now with a photo of my lunch:

…I won’t lie. It’s been a tough year.

My depressing diet aside, these Climate Quests are a fun gateway into making greener lifestyle choices, and to encourage you to try more green games. We currently have quests for taking awesome screenshots of nature in your games and for listening to a fantastic climate podcast. Why not head over to our Discord server, by clicking this very sentence, to check out the quests and try completing some yourself? Best of luck, adventurer!