Come join our Climate Replay Climate Cafe!

Sliced bread. Skippable cutscenes. Slowing down the pace of this blog so I can waste more time playing The Great Ace Attorney. Now we can add yet another great idea to this list of my favourite ideas – Climate Cafes! 

Not familiar with climate cafes? Click this sentence for a handy primer. Essentially, they’re friendly, constructive places – both virtual and physical – where you can discuss the climate crisis with others who are just as keen to vent their frustrations about it as you are.

As if I could write about a cafe on Climate Replay’s blog without tipping my cap to The Roost from Animal Crossing. Come on now!

We’ve said constantly since the beginning of Climate Replay that no one should take on this climate fight alone (it’s essentially one of Climate Replay’s catchphrases, along with “what game can we use to make talking about this subject less depressing?” and “where’s the blog post you promised a week ago?”). Anyway, if you’d like to engage in a more constructive climate conversation, head to our Discord and join our virtual Climate Replay cafe!

Hey, it’s Herlock Sholmes and Ryunosuke Naruhodo, stars of The Great Ace Attorney, pointing up at the last sentence of the previous paragraph with slight smiles. That must mean they’re OFFICIALLY endorsing our Climate Cafe! Awww, thanks fellas!*

The Climate Replay Cafe will be a voice channel on our delightful Discord where you can talk about how you’re feeling and what’s on your mind. We’ll be hosting it this Saturday, August 21st at 11am EST (click this link to go to a handy time zone converter that’ll tell you what time that is in your part of the world!). We’ll have facilitators to help guide the conversations, but the goal here will be to focus on our thoughts and feelings about climate change rather than what we’re doing about it. Of course the latter is important too, but we want this to be a great social space to let people vent their climate anxieties with like-minded people! We’re doing this because we know thinking about the climate crisis can be incredibly mentally draining. Why do you think I keep crowbarring in references to that lovely new Ace Attorney game every two sentences just to restore my faith in mankind? 

Having somewhere to share your feelings about what’s happening to our planet is super important. That’s why we’re using our lovely Discord community to put a virtual cafe together! Giving you somewhere to yell things like this:

In case you’re not picking up on the subtle subtext here, I am in love with this game.

So why not head over to our Discord to join our Climate Cafe? Or why not head to this site and learn more about Climate Cafes, and find one local to you? Or why don’t you google ‘how to do an accent over the ‘e’’ so you can go back and fix up all the times you didn’t write ‘cafe’ in this blog post properly? Or why don’t you decide the word ‘cafe’ is perfectly acceptable without an accented ‘e’ so you can go play more of that beautifully daft lawyer game? 

Oh, and though this is a one-off event, we’re not ruling out hosting more climate cafes in the future. Stick around after and hang out with our Discord community! They don’t bite! And even when they do, it’s usually into a Vegan meal that uses climate-conscious packaging. What a nice bunch.

This was the tone I was planning to write this post in, but the other Climate Replay organizers worried it might not be very welcoming. Suit themselves.

That swan-hatted woman is almost definitely breaking a few of the community guidelines we’ll have for our cafe and that you’ll find in our Discord, so be sure to check those out too. See you at the cafe! 

*For boring legal reasons, I should probably clarify that Herlock Sholmes and Ryunosuke Naruhodo are fictional characters who probably haven’t endorsed our Climate Cafe (at time of writing). Although the irony of us being sued by the lawyer game is almost too good to resist…