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Play Games, Save the Planet: Terra Nil

Welcome to the third Play Games, Save the Planet! This week we enjoy and review upcoming green-em-up, Terra Nil!

Help Fund a Community Garden For Just One Dollar!

Support $eedMoney, a Maine-based non-profit which provides grants, crowdfunding opportunities, and training to food garden projects around the world.

Great Green Gaming Coverage From Sites That Aren’t This One! Not That We’re *Bitter* Or Anything…

We’ve highlighted a few recent articles, Twitter feeds, and eco game stories that we think are well worth your time. Enjoy!

Final Fantasy 7 and the tragedy of the remake’s retcons. Er, we mean, the tragedy of the commons!

What’s more tragic? The Tragedy of the Commons, or Cloud Strife’s hair? That’s what we’re debating in this week’s Final Fantasy 7 blog post!

Objection! How to spot greenwashing nonsense!

This week, we thought we’d apply some Phoenix Wright logic to some of our ‘favourite’ pieces of greenwashing PR.