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Play Games, Save the Planet: Capybara Spa

Imagine living in a dystopian nightmare where freedom is dead, and humanity has a new eternal master. I speak, of course, of the mighty capybara. A beast so cute we fatally underestimated […]

Play Games, Save the Planet – Endling: Extinction is Forever

Not to brag about my opulent lifestyle, but I have a garden. It’s constantly being broken into by a fox. This used to frustrate me, but after playing today’s game, […]

Play Games, Save the Planet – Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

Welcome to the fourth Play Games, Save the Planet! This week we enjoy and review Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

Climate Replay Turns One!

It’s our first birthday! And Earth Day! Come celebrate the best day of the year with us by taking a look back at Year 1 of Climate Replay.

A Quick Primer on the IPCC!

The IPCC released their latest report. What's an IPCC report? Why is it relevant to climate change? Read our quick primer to find out!