re: our story

Climate Replay began with a question:

Why won’t Nintendo release Breath of the Wild 2 already???

Luckily, our next question was far more relevant:

How can one person alone impact the fight against climate change?

We realized that was still the wrong question. What we really should be asking is:

How can we work together to fight climate change?

And we believe we have the answers!

re: why

  • Climate change is the biggest crisis of our generation.
  • Most people want to help, but don't know how.
  • It shouldn't be that way and it doesn't have to be!

re: what


We’re going to explain the climate crisis, and what you can do about it, in a style we hope you’ll find entertaining and informative. We’re like Bill Nye the Science Guy, except we’re not a stone cold fox (seriously Bill, why can’t the planet age as well as you?). We’re gonna give you the info you need to be a climate expert!


We vigorously research the organisations we plan to work with. Making sure they’re reputable and effectively fighting climate change. We’ll be organising charity livestream events that raise money for these organisations and awareness of the problem (and the solutions!) within the gaming community. Lets bridge the gap between gamers, content creators, and nonprofits!


Working together with video game companies, we will find unique ways to offer gamers fun experiences and rewards for celebrating climate positivity!


Gamers are some of the most creative people on the planet. Through climate-positive art and game jams, we will unlock the climate-positive creative potential within gamers and game developers around the world.

re: team

Cory Scheviak

Game designer (Minecraft) by day, climate activist by night. Organizer at Love Tropics.

Kayla Anderson
Co-Founder & Community, Content, Outreach

Digital Marketer, Climate Communicator, @imBaela on TikTok

Frances Withrow
Research, Non-Profit Coordinator

Research scientist, Oceana

Anna Jenelius
Developer outreach, Game Jam coordinator

Founder & CEO at Valiant Game Studio, Game Development Consultant

Ami Ek
Head of Design

UI Artist, Fall Damage Studio

Tom Stone
Word Polisher

Freelance writer. Former editor of

Laura De Llorens
Organizer, Video Editor

Game designer, Minecraft Dungeons

Alice Löfgren
Social Media Visionary

Fmr Social Media at Spotify / Minecraft

Julian Tunru
Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager at Mojang Studios

Mariana Salimena
Graphic Artist

Concept Artist, Minecraft. Specializes in bringing ideas to life through art.

Chi Wong
Visual Artist

3D Artist, Minecraft. Specializes in 3D design and animation.