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save the planet

It’s that simple! Well, not quite. But that’s where we come in. Our goal is to empower today’s gamers to create a sustainable tomorrow. We’re mobilizing the gaming community in the fight against the climate crisis in fun, educational, and inclusive ways. Click that lovely purple button below to learn more and see how you can get involved!

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Learn everything you want to know, and maybe some stuff you didn’t!

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The principles that guide everything we do.


We want to make getting involved in the climate fight less depressing and overwhelming! Through game jams, fundraising livestreams, entertaining articles and videos, and even sometimes just stuffing good news in random parentheses (kittens still exist!), we promise to keep this fight fun without sugarcoating the severity of the crisis our planet faces.


Wouldn’t it be nice if climate change could be solved by one person called Alex who had the magical ability to wish ice caps back to life? Well sadly, it can’t, so stop pretending you’re the only one helping Alex. This fight requires as many people as possible and anyone can contribute. Come join our community and help us help the planet!


We know most educational video games are about as fun to play as Super Stubbed Toe VR. That’s why we’re putting together articles, videos, and interviews with climate scientists that make the essential climate change facts as fun, informative, and easy to understand as possible. Not even sure how to spell ‘climate’? We’ll show you how!


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